Add Contact




JSON Parameters:

* = Required parameters

Parameter Value
* phone 7053802406
list list name(s) each separated with a comma
firstname Contacts first name
lastname Contacts last name
company Company name
email Contacts email address
birthday Contacts birth date MM/DD/YYYY
message_hashtag Messaging hashtg
address Address
city City
state State
zip Postal/Zip code
country Country

You may assign the user to the desired list(s) by including the "list" parameter. In addition, you may include any other custom fields that you may have added.

Example Request
-H "Authorization: Basic [your API key]"
-H "Action: AddContact"
            "list":"list name(s) each separated with a comma",
            "firstname":"Contacts first name",
            "lastname":"Contacts last name",
            "company":"Company name",
            "email":"Contacts email address",
            "birthday":"Contacts birth date MM/DD/YYYY",
            "message_hashtag":"Messaging hashtg",
            "zip":"Postal/Zip code",


{ "success":"true", "message":"Contact added OK" }